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seat bracket

  1. 14E676B7-8259-4EB4-81A5-58754EA3B500.jpeg


    Tahoe seat brackets , thanks to Splatt for saving it
  2. B

    89 blazer, looking for a front seat that can fold/tumble so for rear seat access

    Now that my daughter is a bit older, it's harder for her to get into the back seat (she used to climb over the center console). Is there anything I can swap in for better access to the rear seat? The blazer came with seats from a ford edge, so I have no idea what is available to swap in.
  3. Wes Harden

    77 burb out with the bench in with buckets

    So a long while back I snagged a lot of 84 burb interior parts(blue if someone needs something). I put saddle covers on the bucket seats and am installing now. The 2 out board bracket holes line up nicely, the rear inboard sits about right on top of padding and carpet. The front inboard is the...
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