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  1. Roberto925

    Reupholstery seat kit for 88 k5?

    Hey fellas, I’m planning to either reupholster my seats or get seat covers for my 88 K5. I’m looking specifically at the LMC and Brothers reupholster/cover kits. My issue is both vendor’s kits go up to 87 on their websites. My question is, will the high back 87 seat kits fit my 88 high back...
  2. rileymurph41

    Seat fitment

    Anyone know if seats from an 80 k5 will fit an 86 k5? Are the seat brackets the same?
  3. rileymurph41

    Wanted 1980 seats in an 86 also k5 vs k10

    Will 1980 blazer seats fit into an 86 without bracket modification? also what’s the deal with k5/k10. My blazers title says k10 blazer on it. Thanks everyone.
  4. ripple1973

    85 K5 Blazer Seat swap

    I need to swap out my stock seat for the 06 Avalanche Seats where can i find the brackets do do the swap. I just want to make sure it will be safe in case i am in a accident
  5. Full Restoration 1982 K5 Blazer

    Full Restoration 1982 K5 Blazer

    started as a stock k5 that needed a lot of work, fully restored now and getting ready to do engine swap.
  6. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  7. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  8. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  9. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
  10. k5_2


    pics of my 74 K5
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