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service truck

  1. FAT BASTARD 81 C30 Service Truck

    FAT BASTARD 81 C30 Service Truck

    So, I picked this truck up in a trade deal plans were to put the bed on Smokey and use the cab on my single cab K30 project. But after doing some measuring of the bed , it won't work because this is a Cab Chassis truck so the cab to axle distance is not the same as a pickup. So after going...
  2. yellowK20

    Need Help to Identify the crane on my service truck.

    No tags , no stickers no , info on the truck anywhere to identify it. The hoist motor works but the turntable motor and pinion gear are missing . I have removed and replaced all the solenoids and replaced them with wireless solid state contactors. I can use the crane with our the swing...
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