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shackle flip

  1. Grey truck

    Grey truck

    NEW MEATS Toyo M/T 37x12.50r17 Method Mesh Wheels
  2. 454k5blazer

    Need help with lift and suspension

    So i’m new to trucks/off-roading. i’m wanting to get off of the lift blocks and better suspension in general. I guess i just need pointed in the right direction a bit. I put up pictures of where i’m at now which is how i bought it. looking to upgrade.
  3. Wes Harden

    Wes's Burb build/update/maintance

    So after converting my 77 sub, sbc, q jet carb, np205, 4.10, 33, to use a 700r4, the truck ran horrible up any grade in 3 and 4th. I pulled the carb off and ran spray carb cleaner and compressed air through all passages, new gaskets, etc. Recheck/set adjustments. Truck ran pretty good for @ 200...
  4. Grey Truck Build

    Grey Truck Build

    My dad traded in his other truck (1970 1/2 ton short box) for this one in 1999 to be his daily driver/work truck (I was about 6 years old). The short box was too small and he needed something more reliable back then. It was bone stock with the factory 6.6L 400 / TH350 and NP203. My dad later...
  5. SpeedlabDan

    So, anyone ever shackle flip a 1 ton?

    It's a bit far off but it really bugs me having 4" lift blocks out back of my dually. Of course the helper leaf will no longer reach the pads. Just poking around for ideas and of course I know tow abilities are decreased when lifted but bumper towing my K5 should be fine. What do you guys think?
  6. 1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    Offroad 1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    I call my truck "The Price Is Right" for a couple of reasons. First off, I traded a friend's father for it. I fixed his wife's Pontiac, he gave me this truck. The second reason is because I am sourcing as much of this build as possible from either junkyards or classifieds or parts trucks, etc. I...
  7. Justin V

    1979 K10 SWB "Jolly Green Giant"

    Justin V submitted a new Build: 79 K10 SWB Read more about this build here...
  8. '72 K5 - AJ's Overbuilt Cruiser Build

    Restomod '72 K5 - AJ's Overbuilt Cruiser Build

    It all started here in 2007: And so it begins....
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