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  1. 0DCAB85F-5D60-48AE-BA1A-9F3C126292D8.jpeg


    Missouri Offroad Outfitters rear shock inboarding crossmember
  2. A

    90 K5 - Overkill

    Building out my K5 to be a survival style truck. Recently I have broken off the rear shock mount and decided that now may be as good of a time as any to inboard my rear shocks. Would appreciate if anyone has dimensions for one or any tips before I try to fab one up.
  3. Thomas Fournier

    Shock up-travel to droop ratio

    Hello all, I’ve been looking around like crazy to find an answer for this question. I’ve been told the percentage of up travel to drop or sag should be 50% either way. I wanted to know if I had the option to get an inch or two more droop vs up travel should I? I’m running leaf springs (56”)...
  4. B

    Bilstein part number?

    Hey y'all, I was curious does anyone know the part number for bilsteins for a tuff country 3” lift spring on a K5? Also what about the Rancho adjustables? I had those on a jeep and liked them too. I think they are a 9000 series or something? Or is there another shock y'all recommend for a good...
  5. CaliCat72


    14" offroad bypass shocks KING or FOX remote resi or fixed resi good condition
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