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soft top

  1. Cadden

    Soft top for 1st gens

    Aside from soft topper, does anyone know of any other companies that make a soft top for 1st gen blazers/Jimmy's? I ordered one from soft topped back on Feb 24th and they still don't know when they'll be able to finish building it and actually ship it. Oregon weather is to bi polar to drive...
  2. B

    MN *sold

  3. The Griff

    Tonneau cover for Blazer?

    Seeing as how my old Blazer is rapidly approaching a state of roadworthy-ness again, I remembered something I had planned/designed when I was 16 or 17, and driving it often; A soft top that is essentially just a tonneau type bed cover that also has s back window. I did some Googling and...
  4. Full Restoration 1982 K5 Blazer

    Full Restoration 1982 K5 Blazer

    started as a stock k5 that needed a lot of work, fully restored now and getting ready to do engine swap.
  5. 85 K5 --- CHOPPED! Edition

    85 K5 --- CHOPPED! Edition

    Hello all! Anthony out of South Houston, TX area. What we have here is a 1985 K5. Blueprint engine upgrade (383 stroker) paired with a 700r4 from monster. Current Plans: 1. Install bench seats in the rear so my daughter can enjoy. 2. I recently got a window frame from another member here off...
  6. '72 K5 - Old Yeller - suspension upgrade time

    Restomod '72 K5 - Old Yeller - suspension upgrade time

    I've loved 67-72 blazers since my first one back in high school. it was a rusted out POS, but I loved it. about 12 years ago I bought another one with the intention of treating it a little better. :D I fixed my '72 up about 10 years ago, but its been parked outside so, I'm going to have to do...
  7. ashman

    '72 K5 - BYT - rust repair and sound deadening

    ashman submitted a new Build: '72 K5 - Old Yeller - back on the road page-4 Hydroboost and windstar fans page-13 Removable rear seat mod page-14 First Gen windshield bar for soft top page-18 LS Swap parts - Now it’s actually a build thread! page-19 pin out for ‘04 LQ4 page-21 Gauge cluster...
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