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soft topper

  1. Cadden

    Soft top for 1st gens

    Aside from soft topper, does anyone know of any other companies that make a soft top for 1st gen blazers/Jimmy's? I ordered one from soft topped back on Feb 24th and they still don't know when they'll be able to finish building it and actually ship it. Oregon weather is to bi polar to drive...
  2. SpeedlabDan

    NJ White soft topper/first gen

    It's a few years old but only been on the truck for a couple cruises and always garage kept. It's the old style with the snaps on the windshield. Have the screened rear panel as well but the screen got chewed in a drawer in the shop by mice. I got a new black topper was $580 shipped. I'd like to...
  3. 1972 GMC K5 then and now, carb no mo

    1972 GMC K5 then and now, carb no mo

    Hey all, been a member for few years and commented here and there but haven't been too active. I thoroughly enjoy the forum and the immense wealth of knowledge that is available and shared here. The best investment i make ever year is renewing my membership. Anywho after roughly 13 years...
  4. 72gmck5

    1972 GMC K5 then and now

    72gmck5 submitted a new Build: 1972 GMC K5 then and now, carb no mo Read more about this build here...
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