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  1. dlind

    '90 K5 Speedo not working intermittently

    Every once in a while my speedo doesn't work. Sometimes the speedo will get stuck around 35mph and around 65mph. It will randomly start working again.. normally after sitting stopped for a minute or two while in gear (at a light or stop sign). The odd part is the miles KEEP TICKING even when...
  2. Rhinodrvr

    91 K5 (possessed) - I need a old priest and a young priest!!!

    To the brotherhood, my 1991 K5 (MegaPig) has been possessed!!! After transplanting a GM factory crate motor in, multiple tranny rebuilds....I have finally started putting miles on her. I decided to replace the sppedo with another factory unit that had been reset and reconditioned to track the...
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