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  1. B

    Aftermarket veh. speed sensor misery (CA smog/check engine light). Help? 89 K5.

    Several years ago, installed the DIY4X competition dash with autometer gauges. I didn't realize that in 1989 the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) was a small green plastic gizmo attached to the back of the OEM dash/speedometer unit. I tossed the VSS, and even if I had it, I don't think it's possible...
  2. F

    LS swap gauges - 5.3 swapped 1982 k5 blazer

    i have a 90-91 electronic cluster coming in and had a few questions about hooking it up in my ls swapped '82 blazer Oil Pressure can i use the ls oil pressure sender since the computer doesn't need it? will it automatically work with the 91 suburban cluster? Coolant i have a 3-wire sender on...
  3. SpeedlabDan

    Speedometer recalibration

    is anyone here currently or previously runnin an np205tcase with 4.88 gears and 35" tires by chance? I have a right angle "Hubbard" cable adapter on there now that is 1:1.214 but as far as I could tell without doing all the math and mike marker measurements it seems to still be about 10 to 15mph...
  4. dlind

    '90 K5 Speedo not working intermittently

    Every once in a while my speedo doesn't work. Sometimes the speedo will get stuck around 35mph and around 65mph. It will randomly start working again.. normally after sitting stopped for a minute or two while in gear (at a light or stop sign). The odd part is the miles KEEP TICKING even when...
  5. 6872xtc

    Sold NP241C mechanical speedo parts

    I have the speedometer housing from an '89 NP241C. It's complete with both the drive and driven gears. I believe that this was in a suburban with 3:73 gears, but I can't say for sure. I know that the aluminum could clean up even more. $100 plus shipping
  6. Rhinodrvr

    91 K5 (possessed) - I need a old priest and a young priest!!!

    To the brotherhood, my 1991 K5 (MegaPig) has been possessed!!! After transplanting a GM factory crate motor in, multiple tranny rebuilds....I have finally started putting miles on her. I decided to replace the sppedo with another factory unit that had been reset and reconditioned to track the...
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