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steering column

  1. Damn_cajun

    Steering not returning to center

    76 K5, TH350, NP203. So I've been chasing steering issues since I bought this K5 a year ago. I've replace all the steering components. Why wont this truck return to center?! Is this just something everyone puts up with? Or am I just overlooking something. What's the main culprit of the...
  2. TeamVoorhees

    Found 87 STEERING COLUMN - Tilt, Automatic

    Need the entire steering column if its in vy good shape (do NOT need or want the steering wheel). No worn or wobbly bearings top or bottom. My entire column needs rebuild but I can't find all the parts to do it. I'm in Florida panhandle. Thx.
  3. Battman69

    Steering column swap

    I’m sure this question has been answered, but in 5 hours I can’t find it. Closest I found was a reference to a “92 square body suburban”. I recently found this 89 Jimmy. Great body and interior, but... the da po poorly installed a speed shift floor shifter. The steering column is junk, plus no...
  4. Bowtiek10

    Found 84-87 Steering Column

    Looking for a steering column out of an 84-87. I would prefer it to be tilt and standard but if not it doesn't bother me
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