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steering stabilizer

  1. L

    Strange Steering Behavior

    Hi Folks, Luke here from Germany - long time no see, but still happy with my old K5! :D Here's my Problem, tryin' to fix it since a few Months: The Steering of my Rig got a strange Behavior; as long as drivin' straight ahead no Symptoms, but when steerin' left or right and then tryin' to...
  2. Damn_cajun

    Steering not returning to center

    76 K5, TH350, NP203. So I've been chasing steering issues since I bought this K5 a year ago. I've replace all the steering components. Why wont this truck return to center?! Is this just something everyone puts up with? Or am I just overlooking something. What's the main culprit of the...
  3. big-blue

    Pressing out the steering stabilizer

    Just sharing on my little weekend project. The previous steering stabilizer was shot. Absolutely had zero resistance to it. After getting started, the tie-rod end was pressed in which prompted me to say 'why the F am I doing this ...' and quickly weighed out options to maybe just to go back...
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