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  1. K

    CA FREE!! Squarebody K5 rear Bench Seats - 73-75 and mid 80s + billet dash parts

    EDIT: The internet has helped identify these - First one is from a 73-75 K5, second is the mid-80s K5. Hey folks, my 1970 came with two bench seats, not sure exactly what years they are from. Also a grab bag of seatbelts - dark blue and black, I will throw in with the benches. The first one...
  2. L

    Strange Steering Behavior

    Hi Folks, Luke here from Germany - long time no see, but still happy with my old K5! :D Here's my Problem, tryin' to fix it since a few Months: The Steering of my Rig got a strange Behavior; as long as drivin' straight ahead no Symptoms, but when steerin' left or right and then tryin' to...

    Sold Complete Hydro assist $400 OBO

    I have for sale a used crossover high steer hydro assist set up. Both poison spider heist your arms have multiple holes for the tire rod location. this is the complete kit with the ported steering box, hydraulic ram, drag link, Pitman arm, tire rod, steering arms , and PSC steering pump...

    Sold 2 wheel drive steering gear box

    I have a 2 wheel drive steering gear. This is the steering gear you need for crossover steering. Asking $75 Due to the weight of the item I would rather not ship it. Free delivery in the Denver metro area.

    CO Moog Dana tie rod with ends

    I have a Moog tie rod set with the problem solver ends # 40306. for a Dana 60. It has some light surface rust from sitting around for years. Never installed. masking $50 Buyer payes shipping from 80005 or will deliver in the Denver metro area for free. It weighs about 10 pounds and is about...

    CO Ranch dual steering stabilizer

    Gently used dual steering stabilizer from ranch made for Dana 44 asking $100 buyer to pay shipping from 80005 but will deliver in the be very metro area for free. weight is about 7 pounds
  7. Damn_cajun

    Steering not returning to center

    76 K5, TH350, NP203. So I've been chasing steering issues since I bought this K5 a year ago. I've replace all the steering components. Why wont this truck return to center?! Is this just something everyone puts up with? Or am I just overlooking something. What's the main culprit of the...
  8. CGT80

    Drag link/pitman arm options for 6" lift

    After I bought new tires and installed new shocks, the alignment place found movement in a front wheel. I found a bad ball joint and replaced all 4 ball joints and the tie rod ends between the knuckles of the 10 bolt on my 88 K5. It has a 6" lift and looks like a raised steering arm on the...
  9. TeamVoorhees

    Found 87 STEERING COLUMN - Tilt, Automatic

    Need the entire steering column if its in vy good shape (do NOT need or want the steering wheel). No worn or wobbly bearings top or bottom. My entire column needs rebuild but I can't find all the parts to do it. I'm in Florida panhandle. Thx.
  10. SuperCAN

    steering wheel upper shaft play (not the tilt issue) Help Please

    Thanks in advance to anyone with ideas here... Truck: 1985 k5 Issue: Steering shaft (the short shaft on the steering wheel side of the plastic ball joint) shakes/has excessive play. Background: I took apart the steering column to tighten the torx bolts for the tilt steering mechanism...
  11. my kids took the truck

    Discuss crossover steering: Close to OEM height daily driver

    After 45 years my steering box is done - the adjustment has bottomed out and steering is getting loose. This is a daily driver K5 that regularly gets used once a week. In the past, there was some offroad but recently not even a fire road -- I don't plan to do much more but the performance...
  12. Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild
  13. Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild
  14. Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild
  15. Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild
  16. Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild
  17. Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild

    Steering Box rebuild
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