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  1. 1989 4x4 suburban 2500

    Daily Driver 1989 4x4 suburban 2500

    So I picked up a new project today 6/25/21. It’s a roller on 35s. It’s originally a California truck with hardly any rust. I picked it up for $1,000. Plans are to ls swap it and possibly make it into a comfortable driver out of it. It’s going to be a slow project but think it will be fun.
  2. 1956 Suburban

    1956 Suburban

    Just getting started on what will be at first just an interior cleanup and paint along with minor mechanical issues. Mostly all stock 1956 Chevy Suburban. Was originally issued and used as an ARMY signal corps vehicle. Didn’t get a whole lot of use as the guy I purchased it from got it from the...
  3. CK5

    The 2021 CK5 calendars are in!!! (sold out)

    HOT off the presses and in stock ready to ship, operators are standing by... well just me but you get the idea. Buy Here! Thanks again to @mrk5 for getting these designed!
  4. MT Bill

    350 TBI to 383 with Flo Pro Swap

    Hello, First time DIY engine swap for this guy so any tips and advice are welcome as I will probably have plenty of questions and dumb ideas. My 1990 GMC V1500 Suburban with a 350 and 700R4 lost its 350 TBI motor this summer. I have always wanted a 383 stroker, so I figured now or never. My...
  5. Figuring it out as I go along...

    Figuring it out as I go along...

  6. 1990 v2500 suburban. The family adventure wagon. Now with shock tech

    1990 v2500 suburban. The family adventure wagon. Now with shock tech

  7. '89 Burb 9 Lives

    '89 Burb 9 Lives

    '89 Suburban I bought for my wife as a daily driver 14 years ago. Rebuilt, died and rebuilding again. Originally a v1500 half ton. Swapped out the factory 10 bolts with 3.73 with a set of 3/4tons. 10bolt front with 4.10 gears and 14BFF limited slip and 4.10 gears. Lift I believe are 2.5...
  8. CK5


    No Airbags We Die Like Real Men Printed Sticker In stock ready to ship! 4.75" W x 2.5" H top quality, vinyl decal. Another thanks to @mrk5 for getting these made!
  9. CK5

    CK5 Cut Vinyl Edge Logo Sticker

    CK5 Cut Vinyl Edge Logo Sticker Thanks to @mrk5 for getting these going so quickly.
  10. CK5

    SQUARE BODY Cut Vinyl Sticker

    SQUARE BODY Cut Vinyl Sticker
  11. CK5

    SHIT BOX Cut Vinyl Sticker

    SHIT BOX Cut Vinyl Sticker
  12. CK5

    SEND IT Cut Vinyl Sticker

    SEND IT Cut Vinyl Sticker
  13. CK5 2" sticker (new size)

    Just a new sticker size...
  14. CK5

    New Rolling Classic Designs...

    New Rally wheel & Dog Dish hub cap inspired designs.
  15. '90 - Home Base Suburban

    '90 - Home Base Suburban

    This is my 1990 Suburban that I purchase back in 2017 for $900 with the intention of making it the ultimate full-size overland rig. I am in the process of LS Swapping which will be interesting as it will have to pass CA Smog.
  16. W

    88 Suburban vs 87 Suburban

    I have a 87 Suburban, stock. 350, th400, semi floater. My dad has an 88, 6 inch lift, 350, 700r4, full floater. The 87 has a lot more get up and go, the 88 takes forever to get up to speed. The 88 feels much heavier and harder to handle, it's a freakin tugboat. Is this the difference between the...
  17. The Bruin

    The Bruin

    Here is a 1989 Suburban I just picked up. It was a research rig for the University of Wyoming. Prof. Hank Harlow used this truck to research bears all over the rockies. The research included how bears hibernate and applications in medicine concerning muscle deterioration. He would crawl into...
  18. F

    LS swap gauges - 5.3 swapped 1982 k5 blazer

    i have a 90-91 electronic cluster coming in and had a few questions about hooking it up in my ls swapped '82 blazer Oil Pressure can i use the ls oil pressure sender since the computer doesn't need it? will it automatically work with the 91 suburban cluster? Coolant i have a 3-wire sender on...
  19. 1990 GMC Suburban

    1990 GMC Suburban

  20. Wes Harden

    77 burb out with the bench in with buckets

    So a long while back I snagged a lot of 84 burb interior parts(blue if someone needs something). I put saddle covers on the bucket seats and am installing now. The 2 out board bracket holes line up nicely, the rear inboard sits about right on top of padding and carpet. The front inboard is the...
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