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  1. campfire

    Time to build a suspension... (looking for input on springs)

    Well, in a few months it will be. :rolleyes: Right now it's time for suspension questions ('cause I don't wanna be redoing this every year like @Deuling ;)). After last month's overlanding trip, I've decided to fix my camping suburban and I would like it to have more ground clearance than the...
  2. my kids took the truck

    Anti-sway bar eyelet bushing misconbobulation

    My mechanic wanted to replace my sway bar bushings since the fronts are 100% shot. The fronts went easy. He took the rears and drilled out around the eyelet and pressed out the bushing and then tried to press the new OEM style rubber bushing. It did not go well. He sent my swaybar to a local...
  3. PWagon

    Front Suspension - Added Support???

    I need some suggestions from you guys on what to do about my front suspension. It seems like bumps and dips will bottom out the front end when it clearly shouldn't be. For example, there's slight speed bump near my home that's maybe 6 or 7 inches tall, and if I drive over it too fast then my...
  4. 79 K5 Prerunner  "Lucy"

    79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy"

    I scored this To replace my 79, I got the old blazer from my dad 3 years ago.. It's seen better days, he's wheeled it since the early 80s drove it to college taught me to drive in it. It was the very first vehicle I have ever worked on. So basically lots of fond memories in it. He still tells...
  5. sreidmx

    79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy"

    sreidmx submitted a new Build: 79 K5 Prerunner "Lucy" Read more about this build here...
  6. Frame with front axle installed

    Frame with front axle installed

    Here is my frame with axles and suspension installed showing the front axle.
  7. Build up

    Build up

    truck is on the hoist. suspension is at full droop. sick travel. 42" tires
  8. Body lift again

    Body lift again

    : - o
  9. body lifted

    body lifted

  10. Body lift in

    Body lift in

    3in body lif
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