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    Boggers and Trailready’s, no spacers
  2. 49ED0A9A-1D1D-4819-8F83-457775B2D5F9.jpeg


    39 Bogger on 15x11 wheel with 1.5” spacer
  3. 863968E4-3120-46CF-A0F9-5D070A1E9177.jpeg


    39.5 TSL on 16.5x12 vs 39.5 Bogger on 15x11
  4. AD349A57-4150-4628-98C4-35FECF9C5826.jpeg


    Interco office, street view

    Sold 5 42” TSL on Double bead lock rims $1600!!

    I have 5 42” TSLs mounted on double bead lock rims!!! The tires are 15/42 x 16.5 with a Chevy 8 x 6.5 bolt pattern 1 tire is new, 1 is about 90% (it was my spare) two are about 50% and one in 50% but has some rock task on the sidewalk so I use it as a spare. the rims are USA 6x6 double bead...
  6. Cheap Tires!  $500 installed/balanced

    Cheap Tires! $500 installed/balanced

    Gottem from a Jeep guy that didn't think they were big enough.. well, for $500, already grooved, and including the price of installation and balancing..... They are good enough for now!
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