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  1. B

    6.2 extraction

    Hello all I have an 82 k5 with the 6.2/th400/208, I’m not sure the gear ratio, came on decent 33s, I want remove the 6.2. I’m not sure if I want to do 6.0/4l80 or I was recently thinking a 4bt swap. I plan on using the truck for a Daily driver and towing a 3500lb boat. From I can tell they...
  2. B

    1982 k30 454 to 6.2 ?

    Hi. I have a 1982 k30 crew cab 4x4 with np205 and was originally a 6.2. I have a wrecked m1008 that is in pretty good shape with 60000 original miles. I am wanting to put the 6.2 back into the k30. What do I need to change? I know torque converter but are radiators different? Sending unit? I...
  3. rileymurph41

    86 k5 4x4 6.0 swap discussion

    Ok everyone. My 454 just took a dump and I happen to have a LQ4 6.0 with a 4L60E ready to go from my Yukon. Have the complete Yukon. Anyone ever done a swap? Curious as to what issues I will run into like motor mounts, crossmembers, power steering pump lines, radiator, blah blah. Blazer...
  4. 78 blazer ls swap

    78 blazer ls swap

  5. O

    Frame swap w/ 96 3/4 ton

    So here's what I got going on. Got a 91 K5,(pops ordered from factory) been sitting in the pasture for going on over 10 years. Transfercase busted. engine worn out, front end worn out. Throughout the years I've had the dreams of getting this thing going again not for a daily, but trail rig. 2...
  6. anwat

    CS 144 or AD 244 to replace CS 130

    Here's my situation: I have a 96 non-vortec 454 crate motor. When I bought it, the accessory brackets were out of alignment, and washers were stacked up between the block and brackets and components, and it was eating a belt about every couple hundred miles. I managed to get brackets from a...
  7. ripple1973

    85 K5 Blazer Seat swap

    I need to swap out my stock seat for the 06 Avalanche Seats where can i find the brackets do do the swap. I just want to make sure it will be safe in case i am in a accident
  8. Earldub21

    6.2 to 350 swap

    Has anyone on here performed a 6.2L diesel to a 350 engine swap on a K5 Blazer? Trying to figure out potential problems I may encounter. Thanks for the help.
  9. K

    Th700r4 swap to Th400

    so I have a 1982 k5 and it has rear wheel drive. Right now I am swapping my tranny from 700r4 to the 3 speed 400 and need advice on the actual swap itself. I'm gonna need a new driveshaft and how should I go about choosing the correct one please help thank you
  10. Tony Vickers

    WA 96 Cummins 6bt for sale 96 Cummins 12 Valve or 6BT. This engine has been completely gone through. All new Cummins upper and lower gaskets. Block was decked and inlined honed to make sure it was true. Crank, rods, pistons have been balanced. New head, Mahle piston...
  11. 9

    Manual swap questions

    Looking for some insight. I have a 91 Chevy suburban running the 4l80e and I'm done with automatics. Where my question comes in is can I swap to manual pedals using a universal clutch pedal and shaving the brake pedal down instead of getting the three pedal assembly from a donor truck?
  12. Joe91M

    4l80E to 700r4 help (99 burb)

    I have a 99 k2500 suburban with a 454/4l80e/246c. I am sick of replacing the transfer case. It's a crappy job on a good day with where I'm working. I happen to have a built 700r4 with a ford pattern (driver side drop) 205. Mechanically, I have no issues with the swap. It's a daily driver and my...
  13. SAS


    '98 GMC SAS
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