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  1. Lemond

    Wanted '75 K5 AC Fan Switch

    Anyone know where I can find NOS or used but operable 4-position AC fan/blower switch for a '75 K5? All new parts on line have the 4-terminal on the back, but I am looking to replace with the original 5-terminal type. (5th terminal is common ground, but I would rather not splice the old leads.)...
  2. Krewe Chief

    Broken fan switch - replace the whole assembly?

    [This is my first post outside of the intro thread so hopefully this is in the right spot!] I have a 1973 K5 with A/C, but the A/C doesn't work (haven't tried to diagnose that issue yet). So literally the day after I brought the truck home, I accidentally broke the fan switch (left side in...
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