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  1. F-ingrob

    Rear power window wont go up

    Need help Rear window wont go up either from the switch inside or the key outside I checked all the connections and found nothing lose it would do it once in a while before but now i had to use a drill motor to make it go up How does it work Is there a relay hidden or a door switch not...
  2. SuperCAN

    TX Tailgate glass and power regulator for sale

    As I went to a full convertible conversion on my 85, I am 100% soft top! Have my tailgate glass as well as the power window regulator for sale. Glass is in good condition - can definitely see some light scratching in places. There is one spot ~3 inches x 3 inches that is clearly scratched -...
  3. btblazer

    Wanted Tailgate Torque rods

    Looking for the torque rods for the tailgate. Have a brand new tailgate to install, but the torque rods on the old blazer are almost rusted thru.
  4. btblazer

    Torque rods Tailgate

    I have a 1979 blazer that I am restoring and I am wondering if anyone knows where I can get the 2 torque rods that go in the tailgate. Thanks
  5. SpeedlabDan

    A restoration curveball, never thought is have so much trouble finding...

    So I have a part number 14067520 for the oe gm lamp. Cannot find them or the chrome housing for the tailgate of a square dually etc. I have an OK set with chrome housings but they're smaller leaving the oe holes exposed. I'm not opposed to drilling smaller footprint holes but I'd of coyrse like...
  6. SpeedlabDan

    Ball bearing tailgate hinges?

    So I'm looking for some new tailgate hinges for my '84 and rumors have it, there are modern/updated hinges available somewhere I've yet to find. Anyone seen these and how do they hold up under work duty if so? Inquiring minds want to know!
  7. 84squarebody

    Rear window tailgate motor

    does anyone make an upgraded or more powerful motor for the rear window of my 84 Jimmy?
  8. S

    Wanted Torque Rods for 89' K5

    FOUND I'm looking for torque rods that assist lifting the tailgate. This is for a 1989 Blazer K5. Both of mine are broken. My kids can't keep the tailgate from coming down too hard. I don't wanna break my back window. Not to mention that my electric Windows works and I want to keep it that...
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