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  1. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission cooler?

    Hey guys, any suggestions on what type/brand/model of transmission cooler would you recommend? I’m currently running the stick radiator cooler, but I wanted to get an external one to better keep my TH400 cool. Fan/no fan? Finned? Aluminum? I would like to keep it affordable, but quality is...
  2. CT Blazer 1970 K5 4WD CST

    Offroad CT Blazer 1970 K5 4WD CST

    First Blazer I’ve owned and first restoration I have undertaken. Nervous about some of it but this website has been great for info so I figured I would document all of this build in case it helps somebody else in the future watching my mistakes, struggles, and progress. Hoping to finish this...
  3. SpeedlabDan

    Automatic transmissions suck.

    That's the long and the short of it. Vacuum modulators, detent cables, fluid leaks... Suck. My th350 (freshly rebuilt) shifts to 3rd by 20 mph luckily I have torque on tap. Detent cable does nothing and yes it's properly adjusted. Seriously considering another pedal... :poo:
  4. SpeedlabDan

    Th350/Hughes RV torque converter won't engage

    Ok I've driven this newly rebuilt trans with the rv torque converter a couple months back but after oil leaks and what sounded like a cracked flex plate I parked it in disgust n threw my tantrum. After a couple months I resealed a bunch of stuff and decided to shake it down once again but now...
  5. SpeedlabDan

    Th350 shift kit

    So what brand and type shift kit are you guys using/prefer? I'm taking the manual v/b out of mine bc I hate shifting an automatic. Runnin a good amount of torque/hp in a K5 kinda all around off road no towing not a serious crawler bc I'd like the truck to travel high speed as well. Eventually...
  6. Fern

    Need new trans.

    Hello fellas, looks like my trans is done. Have a th350 np203 combo. Any idea how much a rebuild should cost here in california.
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