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  1. B

    6.2 extraction

    Hello all I have an 82 k5 with the 6.2/th400/208, I’m not sure the gear ratio, came on decent 33s, I want remove the 6.2. I’m not sure if I want to do 6.0/4l80 or I was recently thinking a 4bt swap. I plan on using the truck for a Daily driver and towing a 3500lb boat. From I can tell they...
  2. 86 K5, The truck with no name

    86 K5, The truck with no name

    Guess since real progress is happening it deserves a build. It's 86 K5 with no options that my dad bought in 2011, he passed away later that year and I've had it since, though I never really got around to much with it (Due mostly to personal reasons I only saw last year) When I got ahold of...

    Sold 1983 K 30 496 BB/TH 400/NP205 $6500OBO (Dana 44 front)

    $6500 Or best offer!!! THIS HAS A DANA 44 FRONT AXLE 496 cubic big block/TH 400/NP205 Dana 44/14bolt Truck is still titled as a diesel but has a gas motor. Emissions may be a issue depending on where you live. Clear Colorado title in hand This is a 1983 GMC K30 4x4 single cab long bed...
  4. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission dilemma 4l80e / th400

    Hello all, I have pretty much decided to go with a 4L80E swap in my 1977 K20 pickup. It has a sbc 350, np241 and 4.56 gears. Unless there is some new information as to why i need to scream down the freeway at 2900 gonna go with a 4L80. I know the th400 is a badass trans but mine is...

    Sold B&M Th400 shifter

    I have a B&M shifter for a turbo 400 automatic transmission. It includes the cable and linkage for the transmission. The plastic cover for the shifter has been modified to fit the tunnel on a K5. Shifter is in good working condition. Asking $100. Buyer will pay shipping from area code 80005 or...
  6. Grey truck

    Grey truck

    NEW MEATS Toyo M/T 37x12.50r17 Method Mesh Wheels
  7. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission cooler?

    Hey guys, any suggestions on what type/brand/model of transmission cooler would you recommend? I’m currently running the stick radiator cooler, but I wanted to get an external one to better keep my TH400 cool. Fan/no fan? Finned? Aluminum? I would like to keep it affordable, but quality is...
  8. Grey Truck Build

    Grey Truck Build

    My dad traded in his other truck (1970 1/2 ton short box) for this one in 1999 to be his daily driver/work truck (I was about 6 years old). The short box was too small and he needed something more reliable back then. It was bone stock with the factory 6.6L 400 / TH350 and NP203. My dad later...
  9. Dixon

    1986 Chevy K5 "stitches"

    Just bought my 1986 K5 at 17 and ive absolutely loved square bodies since i saw one rolling down the road when i was about 10 years old, anyways I want to do some basic things and maybe get some help from some of yall older folks that know more about these trucks than me. First things first i...
  10. SpeedlabDan

    Automatic transmissions suck.

    That's the long and the short of it. Vacuum modulators, detent cables, fluid leaks... Suck. My th350 (freshly rebuilt) shifts to 3rd by 20 mph luckily I have torque on tap. Detent cable does nothing and yes it's properly adjusted. Seriously considering another pedal... :poo:
  11. SpeedlabDan

    Cucv HD Th400 output shaft to 84 np205

    In the case that I need to pick up a new trans I found a HD case th400 out of an 85-87 cucv, cheap. Now my 84 crew cab has an np205, do the 208s share the same input shaft? Thanks guys
  12. K

    Th700r4 swap to Th400

    so I have a 1982 k5 and it has rear wheel drive. Right now I am swapping my tranny from 700r4 to the 3 speed 400 and need advice on the actual swap itself. I'm gonna need a new driveshaft and how should I go about choosing the correct one please help thank you
  13. TH400 HD Case

    TH400 HD Case

  14. Thomas Fournier

    Us gear vs gear vender overdrive units

    Ok I'm sure this has been on here before but there isn't very much info on this subject. I have a 77 chevy with a built 350 th400 np241 14bff rear dana 44 4.56 gears and a locker in the rear. I want some overdrive cause 3000rpm isn't fun at 65. I don't want to run. Crappy 700r4 cause I hate the...
  15. Thomas Fournier

    Vibration issues. HELP!

    Ok I have a 77 k20, rebuilt 350 th400 np241c with slip yoke. I have a fresh built drives shaft w/new Spicer factory style 1410 u-joints and 1410 slip yoke custom built for this truck. Also just had my 14bff rebuilt with a 1410 yoke 4.56 gears and a detroit. I re-welded my spring perches and set...
  16. Mike_s_transmission


    My new Ultimate 400 from Mike's transmission.
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