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tire carrier

  1. BigBrisket

    swing out tire and push bar

    I was curious if anyone has had any luck finding and swing out tire kit for their Blazer. I have an 88 and most of my searches are coming up blank. I've looked through the forum and have seen a Hickory swing out carrier, but a google search doesn't find that brand. At this point I'm not...
  2. 454k5blazer

    Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

    Wondering if anyone knows where to find a blue print to fabricate a rear bumper with a tire carrier and with a tow hitch. Have any of you made one yourself? Is there any cheap ones out there?
  3. JD454

    Spare tire carrier

    Looking for ideas of how to put a 35" spare tire on the back of my 86 K5 without buying a $1000 bumper.
  4. Chevk587

    Here I go

    Got all the interior out cut the dash out . Now cage pedal swap for the nv4500 and I’m thinking painless harness kit ... not sure which to get any suggestions?
  5. Fastereddie

    '84 K5 Build (Midlife Crisis)

    Fastereddie submitted a new Build: '84 K5 Build (midlife crisis) Read more about this build here...
  6. The Butcher

    Back to life...

    The Butcher submitted a new Build: Back to life... Read more about this build here...
  7. nutt7

    89 Suburban - The Canyonero: Rear Suspension Time!

    nutt7 submitted a new Build: 89 Suburban - The Canyonero Click for the intent and build philosophy. Table of Contents: Post 11: Beginning of the AAM 14bff refresh and Install Post 51: Beginning of Hydroboost Rebuild and Install Post 87: Compass/Temperature Mirror Post 94: Starting Rear Bumper...
  8. ZooMad75

    '91 K5 Four Wheel Camper

    ZooMad75 submitted a new Build: '91 K5.3 Blazer Read more about this build here... This page is the onset of the 5.3L install page-3 Start of D44 build, Hagerman Pass page-4 CV shaft clearance page-5 Prop valve retro fit to 73-89 page-12 Driveline math explained page-13 RPO code list out...
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