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  1. BlaZeus

    "Tundra Mifflin" - 2008 Toyota Tundra

    Double cab, 5.7, exhaust, intake, tune, blah blah blah, 2wd, 2.5" leveling spacers, 18" dip'd Moto Metal alloy rims, 35" Toyo M/T's, color match grille, "The Fab Lab"(my shop) custom front prerunner style bumper with skid plate, 4x 7" HID Baja spots, LED flood light bar mounted inside skid...
  2. 88 toyota xtracab pickup

    88 toyota xtracab pickup

    runs forever, and ever and ever,
  3. the 88 yoyo

    the 88 yoyo

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