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transfer case

  1. 1978 K5 engine,& transmission rebuilt

    Restomod 1978 K5 engine,& transmission rebuilt

    Lots of body work left ,but I am so lucky to have a new garage to be in.
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission dilemma 4l80e / th400

    Hello all, I have pretty much decided to go with a 4L80E swap in my 1977 K20 pickup. It has a sbc 350, np241 and 4.56 gears. Unless there is some new information as to why i need to scream down the freeway at 2900 gonna go with a 4L80. I know the th400 is a badass trans but mine is...
  3. Cadden

    NP 205 fill plug?

    here's another fun one. I've searched high and low, can't find the right type plug for this. I'm assuming it's the fill plug? Was missing when I got it. Thread pattern looks to fine for NPT In one of the pictures is a 1/2 npt plug and its way to small. What size plug and thread pattern...
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