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  1. Damn_cajun

    Adjusting NP203 levers

    I bought this truck a year ago and the NP203 was stuck in 4Loc or 4Hi. Anyway, I'm under the truck now attempting to adjust the levers since I read the levers on these 203s are junk and very prone to sticking and getting out of adjustment. Soon I would be putting a dual stick on it but first...
  2. Blackbetty91

    Well shit Black Betty no summer for you! Trans/tcase

    Black Betty is a 91 has a 350 engine TBI 700R trans from a rebuild about five years ago(? Excuse my lack of knowledge and attempts to pass on the info I think I know!) engine also rebuilt around that time. Tcase is NP241c As dirty as she is she has seemed to be well maintained with out cheaply...
  3. SpeedlabDan

    Cucv HD Th400 output shaft to 84 np205

    In the case that I need to pick up a new trans I found a HD case th400 out of an 85-87 cucv, cheap. Now my 84 crew cab has an np205, do the 208s share the same input shaft? Thanks guys
  4. SpeedlabDan

    Thoughts on the Drivetrain associated with the 6bt Cummins diesel trucks

    OK so I'm leaning towards a 6bt swap but the Drivetrain is up for debate. My first choice would be an Ally 1000 but the associated engine adapters then tcase adapters are pricey not to mention tcm. So, what about the driveline behind the engine in a 4wd? Is it a 727 or version of? What tcase...
  5. 84squarebody

    Transfercase fluid leak

    Well just when I think I’m done! 208 TC shooting fluid out vent when I’m on the throttle. And brand new tranny slipping at WOT. Pretty sure shop didn’t do TV cable correctly. Rebuilt 208TC and new Bow tie Overdrives 700R4. I need some new luck and mechanic.
  6. transfercase install

    transfercase install

    Transfer case mounted to the transmission. ARP bell-housing studs worked really well on the back end of the TH400. The adapter went in easily.
  7. transfercase install

    transfercase install

    I really have to raise my Blazer to get my transfer-case on my transmission jack under the frame rail.
  8. transfercase install

    transfercase install

    Here my NP205 mounted to my transmission jack. I drilled two holes into the jack so I could mount my transfer-case.
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