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  1. F

    1990 with trans shifting, circuit breaker issues

    I bought a 1990 GMC Sierra 1500 that almost immediately started having issues it didn't have on my test drive. First I notced some transmission fluid leaking. It was coming from somewhere on the driver's side above the pan and dripping onto the drive shaft and getting flung everywhere. I...
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission dilemma 4l80e / th400

    Hello all, I have pretty much decided to go with a 4L80E swap in my 1977 K20 pickup. It has a sbc 350, np241 and 4.56 gears. Unless there is some new information as to why i need to scream down the freeway at 2900 gonna go with a 4L80. I know the th400 is a badass trans but mine is...
  3. Earldub21

    WA 4L80E

    I have a 4L80E out of a 1998 chevy k3500. Front pump is bad. Truck had 150K on it. Good core. Asking 200.

    Price Drop $200 OBO Sm 465 Centerforce Dual Friction clutch with flywheel

    This is the Center Force dual friction clutch with fly wheel. The fly wheel fit an 89 fuel injected 350 block. The fly wheel and clutch could use Resurfacing, there is a little bit of burn marks on them. The friction plate is in great shape. Asking $400 Now $300 for everything....friction...
  5. Thomas Fournier

    Transmission cooler?

    Hey guys, any suggestions on what type/brand/model of transmission cooler would you recommend? I’m currently running the stick radiator cooler, but I wanted to get an external one to better keep my TH400 cool. Fan/no fan? Finned? Aluminum? I would like to keep it affordable, but quality is...
  6. Blackbetty91

    Well shit Black Betty no summer for you! Trans/tcase

    Black Betty is a 91 has a 350 engine TBI 700R trans from a rebuild about five years ago(? Excuse my lack of knowledge and attempts to pass on the info I think I know!) engine also rebuilt around that time. Tcase is NP241c As dirty as she is she has seemed to be well maintained with out cheaply...
  7. Earldub21

    WA Chevy NV4500 bellhousing

    I have 2 NV4500 chevy bellhousing. Hydraulic clutch with internal slave. $100 ea. Only one is pictured and only one has the slave cylinder on it.
  8. 84squarebody

    Transfercase fluid leak

    Well just when I think I’m done! 208 TC shooting fluid out vent when I’m on the throttle. And brand new tranny slipping at WOT. Pretty sure shop didn’t do TV cable correctly. Rebuilt 208TC and new Bow tie Overdrives 700R4. I need some new luck and mechanic.
  9. N

    Colorado Springs shop

    Hey everyone I'm looking for a reliable shop in the Colorado springs area to replace my engine (350 TBI), transmission (700R4), transfer case (NP205) and exhaust (Gibson headers and dual flowmasters) all at once. I plan on replacing the wiring harness, gauges, dash, top, interior, and axles at...
  10. P

    88 K5- RED Rider

    so I am new to the world of K5s as I recently got an 88K. It runs and drives pretty good with a 350 our of an early 90s model pickup and a 3 speed trans that is kinda a mystery. I would like to do a block up 350 TBI build, nothing crazy just something durable with a little cam to it. The truck...
  11. 9

    Manual swap questions

    Looking for some insight. I have a 91 Chevy suburban running the 4l80e and I'm done with automatics. Where my question comes in is can I swap to manual pedals using a universal clutch pedal and shaving the brake pedal down instead of getting the three pedal assembly from a donor truck?
  12. K


    Hello All, the names Kris and I'm beginning my dream truck project. Red Jimmy is for sale, The M1009 is going to be my lab rat apparently it's name is Mandarb "Not sure if I like it? but thats its name. Wish I knew the unit it came form." Rough Drafts 2013 Lots of plans for this bad boy...
  13. Pecmoney

    4l60e Compatiblilty

    Alright folks. I believe a 4x4 4l60e between the years of 99 to 2007 are compatible. However, what I want to know will a 4l60e be the same from a Tahoe, Yukon, Suburban or any other vehicle that they were in between these years? Looking for one for my swap, just want to make sure my engine...
  14. Rhinodrvr

    1991 K5 Blazer transmission

    OK...I am ready to scream!!! I have been working on my 91 K5 and after a new GM crate motor, botched motor install, transmission rebuild, botch transmission install...I was back on the road!!! FOR A GRAND TOTAL OF 761 miles!!!!! Driving home this evening the transmission quit pulling with NO...
  15. Mike_s_transmission


    My new Ultimate 400 from Mike's transmission.
  16. thm475 tranny for sale

    thm475 tranny for sale

    $125 perfect working order big th475(3L80HD) tranny for chevy trucks 2wd came out of 87 silverado pickup
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