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  1. J

    Loud clunk from driveshaft

    Getting a very loud clunk and vibration coming from what seems to be the front driveshaft in my 90 K5 Jimmy. Just started today with no prior warning. Happens in 2wd. Extremely loud and increase in sound while driving. I can turn the front driveshaft by hand and can hear a clunk from the...
  2. Thomas Fournier

    Vibration issues. HELP!

    Ok I have a 77 k20, rebuilt 350 th400 np241c with slip yoke. I have a fresh built drives shaft w/new Spicer factory style 1410 u-joints and 1410 slip yoke custom built for this truck. Also just had my 14bff rebuilt with a 1410 yoke 4.56 gears and a detroit. I re-welded my spring perches and set...
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