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  1. Psymantis

    Electric Speedo VSS

    Hi all, I have a 1987 4x4 Blazer with original ECM and 700R4 trans that I am swapping the original gauges out on to new Auto Meter gauges. I have nearly everything connected and the pulse generator installed running from the trans to the new electric speedo but I'm not sure how to properly...
  2. SpeedlabDan

    Allison 1000 5spd in limp mode

    Ok guys it seems after this engine swap my Allison is in limp mode. Locked in 3rd with full line psi. As far as I can tell with my simple code reader the tcm is requesting illumination from the ecm. I'm still using the factory Allison tcm and harness removed by howell EFI and mated with the...
  3. dlind

    '90 K5 Speedo not working intermittently

    Every once in a while my speedo doesn't work. Sometimes the speedo will get stuck around 35mph and around 65mph. It will randomly start working again.. normally after sitting stopped for a minute or two while in gear (at a light or stop sign). The odd part is the miles KEEP TICKING even when...
  4. Rhinodrvr

    91 K5 (possessed) - I need a old priest and a young priest!!!

    To the brotherhood, my 1991 K5 (MegaPig) has been possessed!!! After transplanting a GM factory crate motor in, multiple tranny rebuilds....I have finally started putting miles on her. I decided to replace the sppedo with another factory unit that had been reset and reconditioned to track the...
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