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  1. PigIronK5

    Found 10-bolt Front Caliper Mounting Brackets 8-Lug

    Looking for a pair of 3/4 ton 8-lug 10-bolt front caliper mounting brackets / backing plates. Anyone have a pair sitting in a corner that need a new home. I am converting my 6-lug 10-bolt, I already have the hubs, just need the caliper mounts.
  2. blaznjon

    Wanted Console for 1987 Jimmy,Blazer california

    Looking for a console for 1987 k5. Brown would be ideal. In california.
  3. J

    Wanted 1983 K5 Blazer Roof

    Hey, Recently found a needle in a haystack. A 1983 K5 Blazer in Jamaica ... it is the only one known to be on the island! About to get started on bringing her back to life however, the roof is in bad shape and I am unable to find one for sale new or of off a donor truck anywhere. I would...
  4. 84squarebody

    WA Blazer/Jimmy parts

    Got parts for 84 Jimmy/ Blazer and what ever else they fit. Hood, axles,shafts, differentials 10 bolt, window seals, rear bumper. Eastern Washington/North Idaho area
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