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  1. 454k5blazer

    Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier

    Wondering if anyone knows where to find a blue print to fabricate a rear bumper with a tire carrier and with a tow hitch. Have any of you made one yourself? Is there any cheap ones out there?
  2. SpeedlabDan

    Wanted Oem 16" chrome Dually wheels

    So this is probably more of a long shot but my truck has three original chrome steel Dually wheels and one was used on the inner rear and the drum tore up the chrome. Therefore I'm looking for at least one in usable condition as mine are not pristine and this isn't for a show truck. Tricky part...
  3. Snowman_15_


    My pride an joy,77 K5. Im doing a restore on it,to use for mild offroading an around town driveing.
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