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  1. Calvo

    AZ (5) Hard to find ProComp Series 75 Trilogy Race Bead lock Wheels - Machined (17x9 / 6x5.5 / -30mm)

    Click here for Video This model is sold out almost everywhere - including Amazon! Offering up 5 lightly used copies for $2000!! Paraphrased version of the manufacturer's description: The next-generation Pro Comp Bead lock Wheel is here to take on the most extreme terrain imaginable. The new...
  2. KL7

    Sold H2 Wheels, Staun Beadlocks, Super Swamper 39.5 Iroks

    $1500 for everything. H2 Wheels - some rock rash, but wheels are still in good shape. 8x6.5 lug pattern. 17"x8.5" with 5.5" of backspacing. Staun Beadlocks - pneumatic double internal beadlock system. These use a heavy-duty liner and inner tube to create a safe and simple beadlock. You...
  3. K5er4Life

    CA 24 bolt Hummer Wheels, Tires and Spacers

    Hello folks! I have a set of 4 - 24 bolt hummer wheels, 8 -tires and 4 - 2” spacers available for sale. No run flats inside. The tires that are mounted to the wheels have about 85% tread left and are in good condition. There are 4 wheel and tire combos mounted. No checking or cracking on them...
  4. M

    Best Price for Rock A Thons

    About to purchase some Allied Rock a Thons, 17 x 9.5 8 lug RT8179580 I've been researching price and was surprised at the wide range. I've found them as low as $308 with free shipping. Anyone know of a better price?
  5. M

    Motobilt DIY Beadlock kits 17" Wheels

    Motobilt "Traps" 17" DIY Beadlock Kit SKU MB4033 Motobilt "Simple" 17" DIY Beadlock Kit SKU MB4037
  6. Bent77

    6x5.5" wheels and now buying tires thread

    Looking at going to 17" to get to 37" tires. Really wish I could find the old school white spoke. Whats out there? Ebay is not really giving many options any other ideas on rims for 37s welcome
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