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  1. 1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    Well, there has been a lot of turd polishing over the years, and I've amassed quite a collection of photos. It sat for the last 2 years with a broken engine (busted motor number 2) and i just swapped in a decent used one -All fired up and ready to do some wheeling again this winter and spring...
  2. scouthead

    1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    Think I got a build thread going finally- this one might be redundant now
  3. TreeFarm

    Found WTB Warn 8274

    Looking for an 8274 to buy around Tuscon AZ. I don't need cable or fairlead. Just want a somewhat decent complete winch. Willing to drive a few hours to pick it up. Looking to spend $500-$800 depending on condition. Long story short, things are hard to find in Alaska. I am in Arizona for the...
  4. alanjd93

    MI Warn Combo Kit in MI

    If anyone is from Michigan there's a Warn combo kit right outside of Lansing... Happy hunting! Alan

    CO Tow strap/tree saver 2 for $30

    One yellow tow strap and one blue tree saver/tow strap. the yellow one is about 18 feet long. The rating tag is worn off. 3” wide the blue on is about 14 feet long. The rating tag is also worn off. It is 3” wide and double thick (see photo). Asking $30 for the pair or $20 for the blue and $15...
  6. Thomas Fournier

    Front bumper designs wanted

    Looking to see what you guys have built for front bumpers. Any good ideas? I wanted to run a winch and hope to keep it square tubing, however, I might just have to go with a nice round tube design. I’m running a 77 Chevy pickup on 37s and a b52 kit up front. I would love to see some designs of...
  7. 85GMCJD my boys 85K20 front winch bumper

    85GMCJD my boys 85K20 front winch bumper

    this is my boys truck. He has a youtube video of the build:
  8. Bumper


  9. Bumper


  10. Hickey Sidewinder Winch

    Hickey Sidewinder Winch

    Partially disassembled Hickey Sidewinder Winch - minus helical gear
  11. side shot

    side shot

  12. front winch bumper

    front winch bumper

  13. front tube bumper

    front tube bumper

    tube winch bumper
  14. bumper3


  15. Winch Bumper

    Winch Bumper

  16. front tube bumper

    front tube bumper

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