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  1. The endless

    Daily Driver The endless

    This build started awhile back and just like everyone here I've had my problems however I just had to figure it out most of the time. First I swapped the transmission out (I have another post else where that describes the shenanigans of the why I did these things) first 700r4 conversion I've...

    Sold $100 Painless 250 amp dual battery control

    I have a new in the box painless 250 dual battery control system part number 40102. It sells on Amazon for $150... I’m asking $100 buyer payed shipping from 80005 or will deliver in the Denver metro area for free.
  3. SpeedlabDan

    Fried dash harness decisions for L28 swap

    OK so I've spent the better part of my day separating wires under the dash. Wish I hadn't so many experiences here but so it go. Anyways, I've got a 84 6.2diesel dash in good shape, the wires I narrowed down to be the culprit are a brown with white tracer going from the inner harness to who...
  4. nutt7

    89 Suburban - The Canyonero: Rear Suspension Time!

    nutt7 submitted a new Build: 89 Suburban - The Canyonero Click for the intent and build philosophy. Table of Contents: Post 11: Beginning of the AAM 14bff refresh and Install Post 51: Beginning of Hydroboost Rebuild and Install Post 87: Compass/Temperature Mirror Post 94: Starting Rear Bumper...
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