KS ‘78 Ford dana 44HD high pinion

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    I just got this in a package deal so I don’t know much about it. It’s a ‘78 Ford Dana 44HD (8 lug) with 4.10s, open diff, flattop knuckles, and warn lockout hubs. It appears to have been sitting a while. The hubs/rotors are stuck, but the diff will move and the hubs lock/unlock. Someone has cut off the shock mounts and the factory passenger side leaf springs mount and welded new perches outside of the factory ones. I’m guessing to mount in an early ‘90s F250.

    Be like the cool kids and run a high pinion. :D

    Asking $650 OBO. Prefer cash, but will consider trades. Worst I can say is no. Located in Independence, KS.

    D15DCE7C-3471-4771-BEE2-D7F3C76D569D.jpeg F528BE73-3BCA-482D-837E-57A044A4AA0D.jpeg 34E5D670-7D6E-4E0C-87FF-A2E99D65761A.jpeg 67809867-CEC5-4D4C-8215-CED1F053276E.jpeg E17E830B-8B60-413F-9702-090721985812.jpeg E8945914-E8C2-4763-A6D7-D87FDFC1320F.jpeg E8FC736D-09BC-42F5-A33D-6A2E58F34867.jpeg E370B62B-9E97-4EAC-8489-4915D3B142D4.jpeg 44985503-1070-485E-8729-E8152593E24B.jpeg
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