1" add a leaves???

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by Thumper, Apr 4, 2001.

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    1\" add a leaves???

    Ok, now... no offense to ORD or anything... but I read with curiousity about thier 'new' 1" add a leaf that will lift the rear of a sagging k5 to level it off. Great idea. I personally added 2 extra stock leaves to do the same thing, but that apparently limits my flex a bit. But back to topic. I havent seen any price for these things, but I sure wish I had thought of that before they did. Anyways, I ran across something while I was cleaning my garage out the other day. I dug out 4 stock overload leaves from GM 4x4 trucks that measure out to a bit over 3/4" thick. So that got me thinkin... if I took the cutting torch, whacked them off about an inch longer than the spring perch, I could install them in all 4 leaf packs and snag an extra 3/4" lift. Or I could turn around and sell them to some guys with saggin rears! Is it just me or are these things the greatest marketing gimmick ever? Just startin a conversation here, not trying to make anyone angry or anything... but I hope they arent charging very much for these 1" add a leaves. I can personally scrounge up nearly 20 of these overload leaves just in our club alone. Anyone else thought about this?


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    Re: 1\" add a leaves???

    I have to ORD 1" add a leaves along with a reversed stock overload leaf and an extra leaf from my stock leaf spring pack. I had to add all the extra stuff after the 1" add a leaf b/c my spare tire carrier with 35" tire and High lift jack weighed the back down so much.

    But to finally answer your question i did run the extra overload to level the blazer out until i put the tire carrier on. I didn't cut it tough. I believe someone else on the board has done this though.

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