1" Boidy lift Pucks

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by cityfarmer2, Apr 20, 2002.

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    1\" Boidy lift Pucks

    Been trying to order them from you for awhile but I am located overseas in South Korea What time is a good time to call and how much for a kit for a 85 Fullsize Blazer. I also am wondering I have a 14 bolt from a one ton I want a six inch liftand do a swap at the same time I have read the technical page But still would like an idea on all the parts needed. ie brake lines I have noticed a bracket and lever on the 1 ton that I don't have on by Blazer. Help!Help!Help!
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    Re: 1\" Boidy lift Pucks

    Sounds like the best way for you to order will be online. Just give us all the info and we can take it from there. The body lift kit is $70.00.
    For the 14 bolt swap, you'll need the proper ubolts, ubolt plates, and whatever springs you use.
    The lever arrangement you have is a proportioning valve and you don't need it with the K5, just take it off. The brake "T" from the blazer soft line should work on the hard lines on the 14 bolt.

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