1-ton 2wd crew cab questions

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    I've got a couple questions concerning a 1-ton 2wd crew cab Chevy I know of, assuming all the parts are usable.

    1.How long are the rear springs and could you use some of the leaves out of them to make a semi-custom rear leaf spring? (with a shackel flip of course)

    2.Could you use the steering box for cross-over steering and possibly a hydrualic setup down the road?

    3.Could you use the front brake rotors and calipers to convert the rear axle to disk brakes, either using the rotors on it or getting caddy calipers for the e-brake? If so could you run a 15" wheel on both applications?

    4.Will I have to relocate shock mounts and spring pads on the rear 14bff? Whats the difference between a 3/4 ton 14bff and a 1-ton 14bff?

    I think that's it for now, however I may have more /forums/images/icons/wink.gif

    Thanks guys!!

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