1-ton '87 Mazda "B2600"

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    Well, I figure this is the best place to go with my build and questions. Essentially, I'm turning my lil ol' 87 Mazda into a 1-ton Tonka truck. I recently broke my foot, so I have some time to ponder a few problems before I HAVE to tabkle them.

    1) Brake system: I have a D60 front w/ disc brakes and a 14bFF rear that's converted to disc brakes. The stock Mazda setup has some weak brakes, w/ a disc/drum setup. I'm just going to assume that I should put in a bigger master cylinder. However, what would be the easiet to go with? Underhood clearance IS an issue, there's going to a big block in there. I have the brake lines themselves figured out.

    2) Clutch system: The Mazda was originally a hydraulic clutch system. What do I need to do to run my 465 w/ a hydraulic setup? Is it too hard to fabricate a bracket and even possibly reuse the Mazda slave cylinder or would it be too weak? The reason I ask is because both the master and slave clutch cylinders are less than a year old.

    3) Extending the front frame: The factory frame is approximately 1/8" thick, 2"x3" box tubing. I need to extend the front horns about 8" in order to make the front leafs fit correctly w/ the shackles in front. I want to make sure the extensions are welded in and braced correctly. What should I know/do to make it the strongest I can.

    4) Cooling system: Because underhood clearnace may be an issue with the big block in there, how do I go about putting the radiator in the bed of the truck? I've tried to search but didn't come up w/ anything helpful. I'm able to route the lines to the rear, but what's the best placement of the radiator and correct flow of the fans to keep that big boy from overheating? It will see limited street time to and from local trails and possibly to cruise to work in once in a while.

    5) Steering setup: I have high-steer arms and a new set of 1-ton TRE's for the D60. The Mazda IFS box will work for x-over steering, but I'm not sure it would hold up? I don't know if a steering box is a steering box, or if they're made differently for different trucks. If I have to swap in a different box, I'd like to go w/ an Astro box and put the steering compnents on the rear of the D60. It's going to be pushed forwards about 3" from the stock centerline, so I think it'd work.

    That's all I have for right now. If you have any questions for me or if I think of something new that I haven't gotten to yet, I'll post it up or give me a hollar. I would get pictures of everything I have, but I can't make it out to the garage right now on crutches and with the ground as muddy as it is.
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