1 Ton Spring Perch Width

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    Jun 22, 2000
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    I measured the spring perches on my 90 K5 last night and it measures approximately 42.5" center to center.
    I measured three M1008 military 1 1/4 ton trucks (essentially these are 1984 single wheel Chevy one ton 4x4s) we use as grass rigs on the fire department and they all measure approximately 40" center to center. I am getting my K30 donor this weekend, so I can't get the measurements off of it yet.
    Three questions:
    Does anyone know the measurements of a K30 single wheel one ton?
    Does anyone know the measurements of the dually spring perches?
    Has anyone moved these spring perches?
    Also, I could move or replace the front spring hangers with one tons that I can get from the factory that will move the springs closer to the frame and get the shackle flip kit from http://Off Road Design for a one ton, that will move the rear closer to the frame. But will articulation be compromised since the springs are closer to the frame?
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    All one tons have narrower spring perches, so plan to move them. This can be done by carefully grinding the welds to remove those big cast spring perches, and re welding them further out. May want to change the angle while you're at it, that is if you're going with a shackle flip, or running a block, etc. Good luck!! (see, no attitude here!! hehehehe!!)


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