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10-bolt 8-lug upgrade??

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jms, May 8, 2003.

  1. jms

    jms 1/2 ton status Author

    Jan 24, 2001
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    Getting ready to convert my 10-bolt front end to 8-lug on my 5/8-ton K5. I think I know what parts I need, thanks to the excellent tech article by Waxer in the Tech section. I usually follow the "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" motto, but now my question is: Is there anything else I should do at this point? Ball joints maybe? How much PITA is that? The axle is in good shape, no noises or leaks, ball joints are good, hubs are Warn premiums. I'm going to 35's soon (MT/Rs are on order), so I'm wondering about preventive maintenance at this point. Gears are going to be 4.56, I'll have a shop do that and the ARB. No current problem that I can see with the axle U-joints either; suppose new ones couldn't hurt? Anything else I might have overlooked? Thanks for the input, michael

    MTBLAZER89 3/4 ton status Premium Member GMOTM Winner

    Aug 14, 2001
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    Oak Harbor, WA
    I think you got about everything. Give the seals a good look over they are cheap to replace. I did this project last week PM me with any questions you run into.


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