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    I am getting my stuff together to do crossover on my Burb. I just got my flat top knuckles. Does anyone have a picture of a crossover on a 10 bolt/Dana 44 using the flat top knuckles. I am thinking about doing a Hi-steer set-up when I do it. Should I send the knuckle off to be drilled and tapped or have it done locally? The local machine shop would have a clue I think. Now how about the arms? Who has the best ones? How about the block to get over the springs for the Hi-steer? Should I go with drag link ends or heims?

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    u should use tie tod ends , they are different from drag link ends . about the knuckles depends on price i guess , mine came tapped .... id go with ORDs arm cuz its big and beefy and has the angle machined on it . i wouldnt go with hysteer u dont really need unless u are going to do super gnarly stuff .
    this is just my opinion tho :) i mave have some pics on my page ...- Andy

    pics page
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    tie rod ends are my choice

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