10 bolt disk brakes

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    Well, after a weak of hunting in mud, snow, rain, and cold, I want to toss my drum brakes. At best (or worst) they need a good rebuild anyways. Can't have the rear brakes locking up when you lightly apply the brake in snow.

    Anyways, I know a lot has been tossed around about the different ways to get 10 bolt discs. I'm looking for something that won't require much (if any) e-brake mods, and is going to be as close as possible to a bolt on. If anything, some minor home accomplished "machining".

    I really like the idea of using the newer truck 10 bolt discs that was tossed around here earlier. AFAIK, no one has compared the axle flanges to definitively answer if they are the same for all 10 bolts, or at least mid-80's 10 bolts to 2000's (or so) 10 bolts with disks.

    Does anyone have pictures of one or both of the two vintage flanges?(pleading with anyone that has a digital camera and either is going to be doing rear 10 bolt brakes or works in a service shop) I'm going to eventually pull my '86 axleshafts out, (bearings) but if I'm going to that hassle, I'd love to put new brakes on it at the time, instead of having to rip them out twice. Anyone have access to a 2000 service manual, that they can scan any relevant pictures from? I'd bet they have a picture of the axle flanges, as would my '82 service manual.

    I know you can get aftermarket kits, but most seem to be lacking something, require too many mods, or are too expensive for what you are having to do. (IMO) I fully expect to pay somewhere around $1000 to get it done with all new stuff, but if I'm shelling out that much, I'd hate to have to do MORE work on them to get them to work, since my time is worth something, at least to me. Basically, its gotta be a bolt on, and have calipers with e-brakes...is that too much to ask?

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