12B Lock Right Installation ?

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    Ok, I figured I would post a couple thoughts and questions here and hope to create a full blown Corporate 12 Bolt Lock Right installation article and tips page. I did a search and could not find this specific topic. (Links if you have some?)

    Starting off, to do a Lock Right installation, the easiest thing will be to remove the carrier from the axle. I helped install a Lock Right Saturday on a buddies Jeep and once the carrier removed this is a EASY job.

    To remove the carrier from the axle: (help me fill this in below, pictures would be especially useful! I will take pictures as I go and add back here!)

    Step 1: Jack up rear and place onto jackstands. Remove tires and brake drum (I think...?)

    Step 2: Begin removing the bolts from around diff cover, make sure to have something for the axle to drain into. I had to insert screwdriver in several places to "crack the seal" on the cover. Drain off all oil.

    Step 3: Remove crosspin that is holding the spider gears. To do this you will first rotate the carrier until you can see the small hole that goes thru the crosspin. You will tap this "roller pin" out first, then tap and pull out the cross pin itself. See picture below in the reply!

    QUESTION: do you even need to take off the tires or brake parts to do this job? There are 4 bolts holding the brake plate etc to the axle tube, do those need to be loosened/removed so be able to move the axle in/out?

    Step 4: By "pushing" the axle in, towards the diff the C clips will just fall off, make sure to retrieve and set them aside. I have heard of heavy duty crosspins as part of the replacement, the kit I have did not come with one.

    Step 5: Pull the axle away from the diff, which will allow you to remove the carrier. To remove the carrier, there is 4 bolts on what looks like a U shaped retainer. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that you know exactly how this U shaped piece comes off and that it gets put on exactly like it was. (Left side stays on left and you don't get it turned upside down. You may wish to use a PUNCH to mark these and the carrier?)

    Step 6: To remove the carrier, we heard a tip, get a socket/wrench to go on the ring gear bolt. Apply pressure (I forget which direction) and this pressure will make the carrier slip off the pinion. Make sure to catch the carrier. NOTE: the bearing caps will want to fall off at this point. AGAIN make double sure you place them so you know which one goes back on the correct side!!!

    Step 7: Refer to other Lock Right install instructions at this point. Basically you will remove the ring gear (mark it so it goes back on the EXACT way it came off), tap out the crossshaft retaining pin. Tap out the crossshaft, the spider gears will now fall off into your hands, make sure to keep the "washers." Install the LRight into the carrier

    Step 8: Reinstall the carrier, you may need a rubber mallet to get it to slide back into pinion. Reinstall the U shaped pieces, C Clips and finally that crosspin thingy?

    Step 9: Test...per LR instructions

    Ok guys...that is the first attempt I need help from those of you who have been there done that! I am currently uninstalling a LR and reinstalling in my current axle so I will know ALOT more over the next week and half! The more help the merrier, lets make a nice tech article out of this!

    Sam Hinton

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