14 bolt axles, need a refresher on WMS measurements,

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    ok need refresher course i search and come up with all unrelated info

    14 bolt ff axles

    need ot know width comparison differences from 3/4 ton pickup and cab chassis to 1 ton single and 1 ton dually cab and chassis and pickup

    1. are 3/4 and 1 ton brakes make WMS measurement same even though 1 ton brakes are wider ?

    2. dually pickup are wider than cab chassis no matter if is a SRW or DRW correct ?

    3. are cab and chassis axles different widths depending on if are SRW or DRW ?

    4. i think that from widest to narrowest other than vans goes like this: A. SRW pickup, B. DRW pickup, C. cab and chassis

    5. what is the WMS measurement of a common SRW 3/4 ton pickup axle ?

    i want to record this info for personal future use like i should have done when this info was posted in the forum in the past, wish i could find it all again, dangit,

    neighbor of mine had a SRW 3/4 ton crewcab 2wd pickup that had a dually fleetside bed placed on it and with the original axle had 16" dual wheels instaleld and it cleared the bed perfectly

    so apparently DRW pickup bed (assumingly all such trucks were 1 ton and actually had a dana 60 or 70 under them and also that none were avaialble til around '77 just like the K30's) are the same WMS as the SRW 3/4 ton ones.

    6. anyone be interested in trading a '73 SRW 3/4 ton pickup 14 FF for a dually pickup one if isnt same WMS as a dually pickup one ?? im working on getting my hands on the SRW 3/4 ton axle soon, and hopefully a c-10 pickup from a member in august that i want to do this with.


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    SRW 67.5"
    DRW 72"
    C&C 63.5
    Van 70"

    The SRW and C&C axles use the same housings and shafts, with the difference in width being in the hubs. The housings are actuallly identical except for the location of the backing plate flange. Drums & hubs are different, but backing plates, shoes, and wheel cylinders are the same)
    * The SRW and Van axles use the same hubs, the C&C and DRW axles use the same hubs; Though different, the SRW/Van hubs and the C&C/DRW hubs can be interchanged causing a change to the axles WMS
    SRW and C&C axle shafts are the same
    ** Van, DRW, and SRW/C&C axle shafts are all different lengths as follows (long/right side / short/left side):
    Type 1 - SRW/C&C - 37-5/8" / 31-5/8"
    Type 2 - DRW - ??
    Type 3 - Van - ??
    C&C and dually brakes are the same.
    In all cases one side axleshaft is shorter than the other; pinions are centered.
    1350 appears to be the only available stock pinion yoke.
    1-tons feature 40.5" perch spacing - whether C&C or pickup, whether SRW or DRW. 3/4-ton is 42.5" spacing. (COUNTER) - The perchs on my C&C measure 36"
    Wheel studs went metric for the 88-up C/K trucks, and 96-up vans
    Front 60 and rear 14b spindles have the same bearing spacing and same bearing journal sizes. Seal journal is different

    From Billavista's 14B article
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    Be careful about C&C's not all are 63.5 only the dual wheel models. I have a SRW C&C and it's 67.5". /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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