14 bolt F/F axle swap question

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    I'm putting a 14 bolt F/F in my '88 K-5. The front 10 bolt will remain until it breaks or I find a killer deal on a D-60. (I'm a little strapped for cash after the 2 grand I've dumped into this best in the last month and a half) What can I do about the 6 and 8 lug count differance? I'm gonna be getting new wheels soon so which is best (more practicle) convert the 10 bolt to 8 lug or the 14 bolt to 6 lug, or is there an adapter? I'm gonna go w/ 1.5" wheel spacers on the 14 bolt anyway to even out the front and rear track widths. Any info will be a big help! Thanks -Tommy
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    Hey Tommy,

    1st, welcome to CK5. You will find lots of good info on this site.

    Now, about your 14B swap. What gear ratio are you running right now? If the new rear 14B is not the same ratio, then you will not be able to engage your 4WD until you get the front gear ratio the same as the rear.
    If you do engage 4WD, you will definitely break something.

    About the 6 vs. 8 lug, it really doesn't matter which one you go with. It will be cheaper to change the front over to 8, then to change the rear over to 6. There is no adapter to do this for you.

    About the 1.5" wheel spacers, you won't need them after the 14B is installed because it will push your rear tires out enough to line them up with the front.

    I just completed a 14B FF swap for my stock 10 bolt rear and you can check out the process, with photos, on my web page. Check out the link on my signature.

    I am currently running 4.10 gears in the rear and ?? (maybe 3.08?) gears in the front and I haven't been able to engage the 4WD for about 2 - 3 weeks now.
    I hav 8 lug white wagon wheels on the back, and 6 lug black wagon wheels on the front. My plan is to find a solution that will give me 4.10 gears in the front with 8 lug spindles/rotors.

    I have enen looked into getting my front diff regeared to 4.10 and keeping the 6 lug front until I can afford the 8 lug conversion parts (about $200 or so I'm told), but the regearing alone is gonna run me about $600; so I think I'm gonna hold out for a D44 or a D60 with 4.10 gears and 8 lug's.

    Good luck, and if you need any advice, shoot me an email tomhoyle@swbell.net


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  3. i agree with stoopalini above- hold out for a d44 with the same gear ratio as your rear axle and swap it in. this is much easier and cheeper than having to convert to 8 lug and change gear ratios. just my opinion

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