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    how tough is it to replace the pinion and carrier bearings in a FF axle? I assume they need to be pressed. What special tools are required?
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    I have done quite a few of these r&r jobs. They are not that easy to do.

    You will need an impact gun for the pinion nut to get it off.
    You will need a press to get the pinion out of the carrier cage.
    You will need a bearing puller tool to pull the bearings off the pinion.
    You will need a way to get the bearing races out of the carrier cage. I used a brass drift and hammer and tapped them out.
    You will need an 'inch-lbs.' torque wrench to set the pre-load of the pinion.

    Thats about all of the special tools you will need for this job. If you don't have any or don't have access to them, take it to a shop and have them do it. Expect to pay a small fee to get the job done right.

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