14 bolt with 6 lugs and spring lift versus block lift

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    I can't remember if I saw this here recently or not, but I can't find it now anyway, so here goes:

    Is it possible to get/make/use 6-lugs on a 14-bolt? I have a chance to get a 14ff, but am a little stuck on my current rims. Anybody want to share some thoughts on it?

    Also, from the same guy, I may buy a 79 parts truck that has an 8" lift. I have a 4" with blocks, that one has 4" blocks and 4" springs. I need springs in the rear (saggy, breaking apart), so I want to know if I can ditch my blocks and just use the springs. I don't see anything wrong with that off the top of my head, but I'm probably forgetting something somewhere. That truck also comes with a 350 4bolt main block/th400/th400 for parts.
    Also, what can I expect to be incompatible with my 88? The parts beast has no motor/tranny/tc/front gears/rear gears, so I'm basically getting the body, glass, and little doodads (I'm almost tempted to strip it to the frame and rebuild it with a camaro body or something)...
    Any thoughts??

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