14b rear disk brake questions

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by original balzer, Jan 10, 2007.

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    looking at some of the kits available. i think ill use sky man. brackets it says on the web site to use 73+ front calipers and rotors. are the 10b and d44 stuff the same? also whats the best for brake line routing. is an adjutable porp. valve best? then just adjust the brakes after the trucks mobile again?
    i also need to know what gears to go with. im planing on running 41" S.S. iroks and either the 4l60e trans or a 4l80e.

    thanx for your time

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    44 and 10 bolt use same pattern for bolt on of the calipers.

    1/2 ton is same as 3/4 ton but 3/4 is supost to have bit bigger piston in side.

    and i used a adj valve with stock removed and tee inline to split the front. i mounted mine to a hand made bracket on the master so it was out of the crap and easy to get to.

    gears and big tires = big gears. i sugest as big as you can go. 5.13 is about the avg around hear as to gears and big tires and overdrive trans.
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    According to my Raybestos Brake Parts book from '73 to '88 only the H.D. JB7 brake option and those R's & V's with 13" rear brakes have the larger 80mm piston. All other 3/4t trucks have the 2-15/16" (74.6mm) piston that the 1/2t's use.

    And since the pad p/n for the 80mm piston caliper is different there is the possibility that the larger piston calipers do not interchange. 4x4High may know more about this, hopefully he'll chime in. [/HIJACK]

    Be carefull about crossing into the era of the high retraction 1/2t calipers. To the best of my knowledge the 3/4's never had this, but the 1/2t's got it in the mid to late 80's. You don't want these calipers even though they look identical. They are not and the way you'll find out is when you can't fix a low pedal.

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