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    I am thinking about trying this on a spare diff first. Then, I would transplant the gears from an open carrier (allowing the local machine shop to actually move the gears over) onto my Detroit locker. I have done this before with a 10-bolt axle, and had great results.

    My machine shop installed the gears on a new carrier, installed the shims, bearings, etc etc. I installed the pinion and then the carrier assembly into the axle.

    Then the next thing prompting me to attempt this, is a friend who is a mechanic, told me that if you can change a 10-bolt you can change a 14BFF for sure. He said that 14BFF axles are much easier to work with, and are more simplified inside compared to the 10-bolt.

    Finally, why the hell not?!!! I have built everything else in the d@mn truck, why stop now! Given, it is a kinda important piece of the drivetrain, but so is the engine, trans, electrical, right???!

    Now guys and gals, all I'm asking for here is a pep rally. So help me convince myself to tackle this on my own.

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