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    To go along with my earlier 10 bolt post. I know the carrier bearings have screw in adjusters, so I can put the new bearings on and not have to press and unpress them, but what about the pinion bearings? I am pretty sure there is a pinion support housing that has shims to adust the pinion in and out, am I right? The question is do I have to press and unpress the bearing each time to shim it, or was GM smart and it's ubolt the pinion support, add/subtract shim, rebolt, check depth (repeat until depth is appropriate)? Thanks again.
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    I believe that in order to pull the pinion out you unbolt the cover around it and then the shims are between that cover and the main pumkin. (I think, never done it thou.)

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    The pinion carrier support is a housing with the pinion, seal, 2 bearings, 2 races, and the nut to hold the yoke to the pinion. The shim is sitting between the carrier housing and the axle housing. In order to get to the shim, you need to remove the 6 bolts that hold the pinion carrier support to the axle housing and there will be a shim sitting there. They come in different thicknesses, too. So, only one shim needs to be used instead of 'stacking' them. If stacking occurs, leaks will follow. Remember where the tab on the shim points, as the holes only align one way. You cannot rotate the shim to mismatch the holes.

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