16.5 X 14 beadlock rims

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mkinnunen, Aug 29, 2003.

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    Aug 29, 2003
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    Hello and thanks for the fine welcome I'm sure to get. I did the search and won't be buying from 6X6. Glad I got that out of the way. So,

    What rims would you all recommend?
    16.5X14 which I have and really like or
    16.5X12, which would probably be fine, but I don’t know if I would be happy with.

    Bead lock or not. I know it would have to be Double bead and the choices just got slim.

    My only real concern is that they are round and true. The ones I have or the 44 boggers are not round and I don't really know how to find out witch it is, other than buy rims that are true and if I still have problems, shave the tires round.

    I'm looking for all around trail, mud and some rock use. And of course going to the movies.

    I have a 73 blazer with 6" springs and 44's
    454 / th400
    3/4 44 in front and 14FF in back 4.56 gears.
    Tilt front, trimmed fenders, 4" chop, shaved doors and tailgate.

    It seems I started this way before "Short" was the in thing, and it is still nowhere near done. But I just got to drive it for the first time in 3 years. Pics will be soon.

    Thanks for your time and input.
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    Just slap some normal 16.5" hummer beadlocks on the boogers... Get them re-centered and you will be set /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif


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